Radio Frequency

This video demonstrates the proper procedure for administering radio frequency skin tightening. This treatment is a non invasive skin tightening procedure that lifts and firms sagging skin, while also stimulating and rebuilding collagen molecules.

I get so fed up with these videos that use young people and their faces don’t need anything done. I like to see them demonstrate their devices on 70 year olds who have turkey necks that really hang down. Then and only then I will be convince that these devices work.

I have this machine but not sure how to set it for the face and body treatments

Ladies, do not use your machine unless you know what you are doing. You can do IRREPARABLE damage to your skin. RF is the gift that just keeps on giving so if in the wrong hands you can do so much damage, that it wont stop it keeps working. Great for skin the needs it, great for skin that requires it. But not soo good on young skin, it damages the skin, please be careful. Use it on your legs and your thighs etc tummy no worries but not your face.

can you use this machine twice a day every day , how much did this machine cost and are the radio frequency machine they sell on amazon and ebay are they of any use thank you

No you cannot use Radio Frequency twice a day. Once a week is enough as you have to give the skin time to heal. This machine is for salon use – not home use 

You should really check the temperature of the skin when doing Radio Frequency. It has been clinically proven if we heat the skin on the face to 37degrees, this is when micro-wounding occurs and then the body promotes healing of the skin therefore producing more collagen and elastin, which results in tighter firmer skin. There is only a requirement to heat the skin to 37 degrees on the face for 3-4 mins, not 20 mins.