Thread Lifting and PRP – Treatment Video

The thread lifting treatment originated from Korea where women prefer to do thread lifting instead of going down the surgical route. They love it for the natural effect and long-term prevention of premature ageing.

One of my patients, Leona, kindly agreed to have her treatment filmed. She had her eyes, lower face and neck lifted so it took a good 2 hours of treatment time. However, we’ve edited the video so it shows you an overview of the treatment in less than 5 minutes.

You can read my blog on the full treatment here:

I hope you found the treatment review useful.

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Dr Terry

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Comments (6)

  1. Jodi Thring

    hi doctor Terri . I have ptosis in both my eyes and was wondering if this thread treatment will help lift my eyelids. your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  2. V. Angel

    Hi, can this be done to lift the tip of the nose? Thank you!

  3. Sarah P (Belle Ame)

    wheres the results video??

  4. janne noel

    looked worse in the After pic.

  5. Amy Tyrrell-Sutherland

    Do you need any spokesmodels or patients to try new techniques on? I'll gladly volunteer!! lol

  6. amy choi

    how long is down time and is it very expensive


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